Lota´s Transport Policy

Lota strives to improve the environmental awareness of employees and stands for training of its employees on environmental issues.

Lota´s Transport Policy is set up in order to reduce the negative impacts of transport on the environment by promoting the staff to use environmentally friendly and cost effective transportation. Such transportation leads to reduced pollution and lower initial cost of infrastructure and parking facilities.

Lota seeks to contribute to improving the environment and the health of its employees by encouraging people to make use of public transport, walking or cycling to and from work.

Lota agrees upon a transportation contract with its employees utilizing environmentally friendly modes of transportation. Those employees who sign the transportation contract, get costs involved reimbursed by Lota. The maximum refund is determined by Lota´s Board of Directors and is introduced to the staff.

To facilitate the staff to utilize environmentally friendly transportation to and from work, a company car is available for work-related trips.

The Managing Director is responsible for the policy being implemented and maintained.


Approved update January 2019