Safety and Security

Lota offers its customers a very broad consultancy in the field of security, fire safety, environmental and occupational safety (HSE management). With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of projects behind us we have developed a powerful knowledge in the field.

Our fire safety engineers team have overseen hundreds of projects in the last thirty years and are some of these projects amongst the biggest in Iceland and have required complicated solutions. We engineer fire-safety-solutions for hotels, apartments buildings, multi-use facilities, music halls, arenas etc., whether they are new or are in the process of being renovated or changed. Our fire safety engineering team can manage project in their entirety or lead smaller fragments of large projects. We offer all-around solutions in the field of fire safety engineering.

Lota possesses vast experience in the field of security solution design; security needs analysis and the design of systems such as burglar- and fire alarm, access control systems and CCTV. Our experts have decades of experience and are well informed of any developments in the field of security technology. We can also help with problems such as theft prevention and shrinkage, robbery prevention and workplace violence mitigation. Lota sells no security equipment and is totally impartial when it comes to brands and technology suppliers.

Our consultants in occupational safety have worked as safety managers, Site Safety Coordinators, consultants in implementing a framework for an occupational health and safety such as OHSAS 18001 system and we have in our team a certified Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems Auditor/Lead Auditor which also certified as a health and safety practitioner by the Icelandic Health and Safety Administration.

Director of Safety and Security
Jakob Kristjánsson

Our projects:

We have worked on many and diverse security and safety issues for organizations such as banks, government bodies, government departments, Icelandic Parliament (Althing), Reykjavik city council, State Alcohol and Tobacco Company of Iceland, Eimskip shipping, Icelandic National Hospital, Reykjavik Energy, Paralogis, Icelandic Broadcasting Service, 112, National Police, Harpa concert hall and many others.

  • Making emergency and evacuation procedures for schools, hospitals and many other organizations.
  • Various lectures and training in the field of security and safety.
  • Consultation and training in travel safety.
  • Fire safety engineering and consultation for architects and facility owners.
  • Re-organization and training for building supervisors and security guards.
  • Training and seminars on robbery prevention, occupational violence, retail theft and workplace crime.
  • Occupational safety consultation for Linde group during the construction of an Air Separation Unit in Vogar and the construction of a large airplane hangar in Keflavik for Icelandair group.
  • Consultation and training in the field of environmental protection
  • Consultation and training in the field of wiretapping prevention and IT leaks.

​Good fire safety engineering can be crucial if a fire erupts.

​Needs analysis and the correct design of security systems can safe large amount of money.

Occupational safety coordination at a large site is key to success.

Examples of projects:

  • A number of safety and security designs, for example for:
    • Arion bank
    • Landsbanki
    • Íslandsbanki
    • A number of savings banks
    • Government offices and ministries of Iceland
    • Alþingi – the national parliament of Iceland
    • The city of Reykjavík
    • ÁTVR – State Alcohol and Tobacco Company of Iceland
    • Eimskip
    • National University Hospital of Iceland
    • Hrafnista
    • Reykjavik Energy
    • Paralogis
    • RÚV – The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service
    • Neyðarlínan – The Icelandic National Emergency phone-line
    • National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police Force
    • Harpa Concert Hall and Conference center
    • Numerous other companies and institutions.
  • Response- and evacuation designs for numerous companies and institutions
  • A wide range of courses and training in Safety and Security protocols
  • Consulting for port facilities – Harbor safety and security measures
  • Fire safety design and fire safety engineering in numerous projects
  • Computer modelling – fire models, smoke models, evacuation models
  • Restructuring and training of safety and security representatives
  • Evacuation plans for all elementary schools in Reykjavik, numerous hospitals, companies and organizations
  • Safety and security education and hands-on training for numerous companies and organizations
  • Consulting and training in occupational safety and health
  • Consulting and training in environmental issues
  • Consulting and training in anti-wiretapping and information leakage