Lota´s Quality Policy

In October 2011, Lota´s quality policy was certified according to the ISO 9001.

The quality management system shall conform to the requirements of ISO 9001 and in accordance with the law and regulations applicable to the firm´s activities.

The quality management system is reviewed periodically for continuous improvement of its effectiveness

The implementation of the quality policy is in the hands of all Lota´s employees. The Managing Director is responsible for the enforcement of the policy.

Lota focuses on serving as a engineering consulting firm as well as providing financial and management consultation.

Emphasis is placed on providing quality and flexible service, performed by well-defined processes, aiming for ensuring optimum performance and efficiency.

The company focuses on good cooperation with customers and aims to ensure that customer expectations are always met.

The company is committed to creating good working conditions for the employees as well as to promote continuing education in order to enhance service quality and employee satisfaction.


Approved update January 2019