Power and Energy

The Lota’s Power and Energy Division provide a broad service for the whole power system, from production through transmission to the consumer.

The company possesses excellent equipment and software to handle projects in these fields.

Lota services a broad range from front end consulting and feasibility studies through detailed engineering and contracting, construction management and commissioning.
We assist our costumers the production phase of research, documentation, reassessments and upgrades of existing facilities.

Our employees assist clients with assessments, planning and calculations.

Lota’s Power and Energy Division has been growing rapidly in size with employees having many years of experience of work including in the National Power Company (Landsvirkjun), National Electrical Transmission Systems Company (Landsnet), State Electric Power Works (Rarik) and Reykjavik Energy (OR).


Director of Power and Energy
Eymundur Sigurðsson

Main types of projects:

  • Design of power plants, transmission and distribution
  • Infrastructures (11 kV – 220 kV) et.al.
  • Energy business
  • System studies, System development
  • Planning, profitability options
  • Data centers
  • Maintenance and renovation
  • Earthing systems
  • Short circuit power calculations, arcs, protection and selectivity
  • Analysis of failures; cables, connection covers, switches, transformers et.al.
  • Innovation; windmills, submarine cables, electrical vessels et.al.
  • Environmental matters

Examples of projects:

  • Hydroplant Búrfell 2, work design in cooperation with Verkís
  • Design of power plants at Theistareykir and Bjarnarflag in collaboration with Verkís and Mannvit.
  • Reykjanesvirkjun power plant, design and various maintenance services.
  • Svartsengi power plant, design and various maintenance services.
  • System studies for new construction projects by Landsnet – PSS / E
  • Rauðimelur power distribution station – changes due to construction of 220 kV OHL (SN2).
  • Fitjar power distribution station – changes due to energy transfer to Helguvík.
  • Landsnet, Landsvirkjun, Norðurál aluminum plant and Our Nature electrical power producing company – various malfunction diagnosis and maintenance issues.
  • Protective equipment at 11 kV for Rarik and HS veitur utilities company.
  • System Analysis of 11 kV systems by HS veitur – ETAP.
  • Danger of arc flash, analysis and safety system setup at Nordurál – ETAP
  • Danger of arc flash, analysis and safety system setup at Nesjavellir (ON) – ETAP
  • Design for substation earthing for Landsnet´s and OR´s power distribution stations at Akranes. – ETAP
  • Green Energy Group (GEG) – Design of 33 kV mobile substations within 40 ft containers (8-20 MVA) for small geothermal power plants in Kenya as well as steel structures and supports in cooperation with GEG.
  • Green Energy Group (GEG) – Total design of 220 kV / 11 kV, 87.5 MVA substations for geothermal power plants in Kenya. Earthwork, supports, earthing systems, electrical protection systems, detail design and construction consultation.
  • Carbon footprint by Icelandic Horticulture Producers.
  • Purchase of electrical energy by the Calcium Algae Plant / Íslenska Kalkþörungafélagið at Bíldudalur.
  • Advania Data Center at Fitjar / Patterson Field – Comprehensive supervision and consultation.
  • General advice on energy matters and build-up of industry / data center at Blönduós, Hornafjörður and the capital area.
  • Overall design of 33/11 kV (20 MVA) substations by HS veitur at Patterson Field, Reykjanesbær. Architectural, structural, electrical, air handling systems and other installations as well as providing consultation on inspection and construction.
  • Standard specifications for Norðurál aluminum plant – project management.
  • New rectifying transformer and crowbar for Norðurál aluminum plant – project management.
  • Renovated model for Landsnet´s 66 kV transmission system – PSS / E
  • Evaluation of alternative options for submarine cable connection of Vestmanneyjar to Landsnet´s 66 kV system at Rimakot.
  • Landsvirkjun – evaluation of alternatives and domestic transmission cost due to submarine cable connections to England.
  • Evaluation of transmission routes and the cost at Billiran Philippines for Orka Energy.
  • Evaluation of power distribution systems and connections in Dominica in the Caribbean regarding potential geothermal power plants there.
  • DC system in hydroelectric powerplants in Greenland – Consultation along with Rafmiðlun.