Lota’s Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

Lota´s Health Policy

  • Lota emphasizes its policy on being a family friendly company with a good working environment, positive relationship and mutual respect between employees, regardless of gender, ethnic origin or religion.
  • Lota focuses on a healthy environment and a good working environment, taking into account the work safety and job satisfaction.
  • Lota supports the staff´s fitness programs and improves the personnel´s working life with a good working environment and flexible working conditions.

Lota´s Safety Policy

  • Lota provides all safety equipment needed by the employees.
  • Lota seeks to provide information to employees about the hazards, they may encounter at work.
  • Lota gathers information on and records incidents or accidents the employees have experienced in their work, with the view of reducing the number of accidents.
  • Lota focuses on educating employees on safety matters and accident prevention.

Lota´s Environmental Policy

  • Lota focuses on providing solutions that promote the efficient use of resources, reduction of waste and increased recycling.
  • Lota seeks to show the customers the way to cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions.
  • Lota aims to reduce the environmental impact of the company by considering environmental factors in the selection of resources and reduction of waste.
  • Lota seeks to improve the environmental awareness of employees and conducts training of employees on environmental issues.

The Managing Director is responsible for the enforcement and the maintenance of the policy.