Control Systems

Lota is on the forefront in the structuring control systems with PLC and SCADA systems. The company has wide range of experience by various projects related to the control and management systems such as Wonderware, Siemens, Allan Bradley, Honeywell, Kieback & Peter, Allerton, Eaton, Omron, GE, Unitronix and more.

The solutions are e.g. control systems for air handling units, production machines of all kinds, gas and fire alarm systems, cooling and refrigeration systems, pump systems, networked alarm systems, building management systems and supervisory systems.

Lota offers as well, assistance related to malfunction or maintenance of older control systems.
The projects may cover any industrial sector relating to any professional sectors of Lota.


Director of Control Systems
Steinþór Óli Hilmarsson


Main types of projects:

  • Needs analysis
  • Settingstandards
  • Planning
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Programming
  • Tests
  • Reports for continued processing
  • Fault Analysis

Examples of projects:

  • Alcan aluminum plant – Design and programming of cooling for current bars and control system for a dust desorption system.
  • Norðurál power plant – Renewal of operating system for a polishing machine and a hail blower.
  • CRI – Designing video display system for parts of the factory.
  • Norðlingaskóli – Design and programming of the ventilation and heating system of the school.
  • LSH – Design and programming of control systems for fire, cooling, air handling and heating systems.
  • Icelandic Coast Guard – Design of electronic control system for the piping system in the NATO Air Defense Control System building at Keflavik Airport.
  • Advania Data Center – Design of electronic control system for cooling system.
  • Optimar – Design of electrical installations within ice thickening system, Optima produces.
  • Calcium Algae factory / Íslenska Kalkþörungafélagið at Bíldudalur – Design of all electrical and control systems in a new 3.5 MW drying plant.
  • Our Nature electrical power producing company – Troubleshooting a control system.
  • Sisimut Greenland – Design and programming of the air handling and smoke exhaust system of the hydroelectric power plant.
  • Noi Sirius Confectionery – Control of various production machines.
  • National Hospital Laundry – Control of laundry ventilation and heating systems along with monitoring of gas.
  • Snekkestad, Norway – Design and programming of control and monitoring system for water purification system.
  • Isavia – Design of control system for radar at Keflavik Airport for remote operation from Reykjavik Area Control Centre.
  • Hotel Selfoss – Design and programming of the ventilation and heating system in the hotel’s spa.
  • Lýsi – Design of the control of air conditioning and heating systems for the enlargement of the plant. The work as a whole received Installation Awards Iceland 2014.